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Updated: Nov 1, 2018

My 1st home recording studio in my garage

When I think about music, I think about my roots and how it became such an important part of my life. Our family in Chilewould gather on weekends, cook ‘asados’ drink wine and in the evening the instruments would come out and the whole family would join in singing Chilean folk songs.

These memories of family, laughter, and music shaped my belief system and what it means to me. Today, music is fundamental in all I do – I listen to music as much as I can as my form of escape.

This ‘escape’ started a number of decades ago, when my father showed me the basic guitar chords, drew them on paper and said, ‘there you go son, on your way’. I was slightly disappointed with my lesson, but at the same time determined and excited about what I had to do.

The big change for my musical growth came two years later, when I was in a rehearsal room at school and a bass player failed to show up. The guys in the room asked if I could play and I said yes. This event turned out to be an opportunity for my musical development. I was then thrusted into the school band and within a few months I was playing my first pub gig at the age of 18. For the next four years, I played around Sydney as a bass player and underwent my first recording session.

Some years later I was playing guitar again and this time as band leader. During this time (my first time as a guitarist in a band), all the music I wrote for next five years was written in a Celtic Tuning. I was highly influenced by Middle-Eastern tunings at the time with Jeff BuckleyandJeff Martinhuge influences.

Whilst in bands I would use the opportunity to learn the drums (at rehearsals), and would noodle around if there were keyboards. From this point onwards, all the bands I played in were of different musical genres, including pop/rock, world funk and hard rock.

Today, my focus is to keep exploring multiple genres, collaborate with as many different musicians, and keep on writing and releasing records from my house. I hope to continue doing this well into retirement and more importantly I hope that it continues to satisfy my creative spark and if people like it along the way, even better! Here’s a taste of the record that I will come back to in references to the musical points I will make further in this Blog -, 2018).

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