Chris Parisi
Matthew O'Leary
Marek Krawiarc
JP (Me)
Luke Ford
John Sandow
Gene Mitchell
Ian Pritchett
Damian Kukulj
Mark D'Amico
Eugene Giacomin
Jamie Thomas
Tara Doyle
Joaquín Perez De Arce
Luke Walker
Roberto Rohane Papendrea
Luke Doyle
Rex Havoc
Brent Rowley
Matt Coy
Caroline Read
Scott Day
Anthony Ousback
Beano Tinson
Steven Beahan (Stevie JB)
Stephen Farrell
Alexandros Vranas
Ali Overing
Bel Woods
Andrew Martin
Pereztroika Studio
Stephen Farrell
Anthony Ousback
Ali Overing
Luke Doyle
Dismantling SIDRAT
Luke Walker
Eugene Giacomin
Chris Parisi
Beano records his draft Solo
Luke Ford
Querida Lela y Tio Hector
Mark D'Amico's Drums
Mark D'Amico
My Microkorg
Caroline Read


This gallery is dedicated to all my family and friends who played on this record.

Marisol Perez De Arce - Backing Vocals & Good times

Luke Ford - 5 String bass

Me - JP

Gene Mitchell - Vocals, Backing vocals, & Drum Engineer

Ian Pritchett - 4 string bass, Drum Engineer & Mixing Engineer

John Sandow - Keyboards/Piano

Chris Parisi - Electric Guitars, Guitar Solo, & Mixing Engineer

Damian Kukulj - Drum Inspiration, Sailor suits & Opinions

Mark D'Amico - All Drums and percussion as noted

Eugene Giacomin - Percussion, Electric Kit, and Shakers

Jamie Thomas - Vocals & Backing Vocals

Joaquin - Backing Vocals & Good times ('Living Here')

Luke Walker - Vocals, Backing vocals,Guitar Harmonics, & Theremin

Roberto Rohane Papandrea  - 4 & 5 String Bass

Matthew Coy - Djembe, Guiro, Tamborine, Congas, Glockenspiel & Backing Vocals

Brent Rowley - Strings Arrangement/Programming & Backing Vocals

Scott Day - Vocals & Backing Vocals

Anthony Ousback - Vocals & Backing vocal

Beano Tinson - Guitar Solo

Steve (SJB) Beahan - 5-String Bass

Stephen Farrell - Tremolo Guitar & Guitar

Alexandros Vranas - Backing Vocals & Good Times

Ali Overing - Vocals & Backing vocals

Bel Woods - Vocals & Backing Vocals

Caroline Read - Backing Vocals & Xylophone

Marek Krawiarc - Backing Vocals and Whispers

Matthew O'Leary - Guitar Solo

Rex Havoc - Spoons

Luke Doyle - Guitar Solo & Backing Vocal

Andrew Martin - Guitar Oscillation

Tara Doyle - Backing Vocals 

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