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Pereztroika Group is a revolving door band, led by multi-instrumentalist and main composer of the group , Jorge Perez. He has over 25 years of playing experience, has played in several different bands covering a wide range of genre’s and has 10 years of recording experience.

His most recent accomplishment was the writing, recording and release of his solo album - ideas left aside from a 20-year period, and this website visually documents and celebrates the musicians intimately involved in the process.

Today, Jorge records all music using Logic Pro recording software and composes mainly on guitar and bass.

I'm not a natural Piano player, and since the song is in in an alternative tuning of DADGGD with the capo on the 1st fret, I needed my G&L ASAT to transpose the chords.

Using Beano's Gibson Songwriter to record a few tunes

This is the Ribbon microphone we 

used to record all vocals and acoustics guitars

The necks of my guitars

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